Welcome to the weekly Granology blog!

This is the first of our many posts on the weekly Granology blog.

We realised with the ever fast-changing routines, the majority of us are finding it difficult to keep up with a healthy lifestyle and so we at granology have decided to do the best we can to educate, inform and interact with our community.  

 In this space, we will be talking about all things health and wellness.

Today we will kick off with our product spotlight.

Our ever loved gluten-free classic granola filled
with seeds and nuts and no added sugar or preservatives. Made in small batches
for it to be delivered absolutely fresh at your doorstep and our secret
ingredient is the love and care that goes into making every single batch.

Since our opening, this has been our crunch filled
companion with which you can never go wrong.

Get your hands on this flavoursome granola at – http://granology.in/product/classic-granola/

Here are a few ways for you to incorporate it in your meals and begin your healthy journey –

  1. Add it to smoothies

Speaking of yogurt and granola, the first
alternative tip we have for you is to mix up our crunchy energy-packed granola
in your smoothies.

Add some banana, berries, apple, some honey,
granola and milk in a blender and blend till the mixture is smooth.  This
easy and quick recipe always comes handy when you are on the run for a meeting
or trying to get your kids to have their morning drink before school.

2. Toss it with a salad

A crunchy twist for a salad is topping your fruit /
veggie salad with our classic granola.  The seeds and crunchy oatmeal make
for a perfect twist to the usual salad. 

Our favourite – apples, pomegranate, banana, pear topped with honey, cinnamon and granola, simple yet nutritious.

3. Chia seed pudding topped with granola

An absolute delight after a tiring day is a cold chia seed pudding, it is creamy, satisfying and filled with nutrition,

Quick recipe – fill in the base layer with
overnight soaked chia seeds in milk, top the first layer with your choice of
fruit and finally for the topping – granola with some nut butter or raw neem

4. Healthy desserts

For the times you crave some sweet, we recommend
the following healthy options

  • Roll some banana in peanut butter and granola and
    let it freeze for 5-6 hours. Enjoy the crunch when done.
  • Make some frozen yogurt bites, with Greek yogurt
    and fruit and jazz it up with crunch chocolate granola
  • Quick delicious energy bites for kids: just mix up
    granola , honey and nut butter and form the mixture into balls.  Freeze
    and simply grab and go.  These bites are filled with nutrition since our
    granola is packed with super seeds and oats making it nutritious and rich in fibre
    and omega 3.

We believe granola is precious and you can never have enough of it , we can’t wait to share all the exciting recipes we have with you.

So come back soon for another exciting blog and be
sure to share pictures with how you like to  have your granola on our
social media – @granology.india https://www.instagram.com/granology.india/?hl=en

Take care and stay healthy.