More than anything else, 

If this year has taught us something, it has to be the importance of good health. 

Prioritising our health: The food we consume and feed our body is of paramount significance. We need whole foods to function well and that should be our utmost priority. While staying at home is difficult in itself, trying not to munch on those sugary bars does get extremely difficult.  

With that being said, we at Granology decided it was time to take on our mission to serve our community with healthy and nutritious food while never compromising on the taste. We want you to take care of your health as much as your mom wants you to.  

We realised how refreshing granola tastes in itself and while brainstorming we thought of taking it to the next level for your taste buds to enjoy granola in other forms too. 


We present to you our ever awaited India’s first ever- granola butter, especially for you.   

It’s vegan, nut-free, gluten-free and has no added sugar or preservatives,

Oh and is absolutely delicious. 

I asked my younger son to describe it the other day, he says it tastes like dessert for breakfast and I couldn’t agree more.  

With no added sugar or preservatives, this nut-free butter is not only healthy for a quick spreadable butter on toast but it can also be had as a topping with or on the side with an apple, pear or banana. The best part about this butter is, it is so versatile, you can use it for just about anything.   

Scroll down below to find various interesting ways to consume this power-packed butter. 


  • Have it as a pre-workout meal along with any fruit.  
  • Make your morning cup of granola butter latte and gulp it.
  • Use it as a topping with any smoothie bowls.
  • Spread it over a toast and enjoy. 
  • Make some healthy cookies with granola butter and oats. 
  • Use it as a topping with any chia pudding or overnight oats. 
  • You can also whip it and make some drool-worthy shakes. 
  • Top it on your healthy banana oatmeal pancakes. 
  • Make some mocha granola butter protein balls. 

And so many more exciting ways to use it! This list just doesn’t end.  

We’re absolutely delighted to have made this for you and we cannot wait for you to try it! 

Order your granola butter now and indulge in healthy snacking 🙂 

Stay safe and healthy 

With Love, 


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