Growing up we’ve all heard this saying and more often than not we’ve shrugged off this thought while grabbing a packet of chips and coke.  

Thinking we will take control of it later on. 

Our weight won’t shoot up. 

We will balance it out by exercising a bit more. 

Going to the gym four times a week. 

Or maybe joining a runner’s group. 

But who are we kidding? 

We are what we eat and that is true for a fact.  

Our body is made up of a million tiny cells and each one demands a constant supply of nutrients in order to function efficiently.

Food not only affects all of these cells but also every aspect of our being from our constant mood and energy levels to our thinking capacity, sleeping habits, and general health, all of it is affected by what you eat.

If you feed your body junk soon you’ll see yourself lay down fat, having lower energy levels and feeling lethargic almost all the time, on the contrary switching to foods that are full of nutrients required by your body will lead you to live a healthier and happier life.  

In this post, I’m going to share with you some small yet remarkable changes that you can make in your lifestyle.

So, get your pen and paper and jot down all that you want to apply.

Remember, every small step counts.


Drinking enough water is a reminder we need every now and then, one day while reading an article I came across this wonderful trick

 “Having a bottle of water in your sight will lead you to drink 30% more water than usual. “

I tried it immediately and let me tell you, it works like magic.  

Some tips – 

  • every night before going to bed fill a bottle of water and keep it right beside your table, so the first thing you do when you wake up is hydrating yourself  
  • If drinking water gets boring after a certain period of time, try mixing slices of lemon or apple in it. It gives a refreshing taste and has many benefits as well.


Most of the time we end up buying a bucket full of snacks that we didn’t intend to buy in the first place. Since the time I started using a list and buying only those items on the list, I’ve seen a radical difference in my consumption habits. I have not only benefitted by a healthier lifestyle but also ended up saving a fortune. 

Some tips – 

  • When you are tempted to buy items that are not on your list, ask yourself if that will help you with your dietary goals. Self-accountability is often needed to stay on track.


Tracking your calories helps in identifying your eating patterns and provides you with a baseline to work from in order to modify your diet to attain a particular goal. 

There are many free apps that help you with the same. 


Fill your diet with protein, carbs, fats, minerals and nutrients required by your body. Have more fruits and vegetables in every serving. Try making small changes in the beginning and keep stacking them along the way. You’ll feel fresher and healthier in no time.


Often neglected, sleep is one of the key components for good health and well-being.

It is essential for every human being, it’s your body’s way of recharging itself. 

While there’s no hard number that applies to all people, a good rule of thumb is to receive between seven and nine hours of sleep per night. While you might be tempted to cut down on your sleep to get in some work done, remember that sleeping well could make all the difference.

Some tips –

  • After your beauty sleep, do not forget to start your day right with a glass of warm water and some honey.                                                                                   ..          
  • Grab your pack of raw honey here –

Thank you for reading. Hope you find this helpful and put it to use , do tag us and keep us updated with your results.

Until next time

With love,


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